“Since the thing perhaps is to eat flowers and not to be afraid” - E.E. Cummings


Lorem IpsumKimi Te is an artist who from her rigid upbringing has rediscovered her bravado learning in Rome’s relaxed ambiance. Her inherited values are strong in her work while the fluidity from her experiences sculpts the structure and embellishes intricate fine work. Emotion is one of the main components of her opus, which she draws from various interests and influences of her rich past and present experiences. It is said to set the stage for her work, succeeded by a dance between control and relinquish, a balancing act between sculptural craftsmanship and play; characteristics very much evident in her works.


“The moment I open my eyes and decide that something I feel can be formed in a different light, I know then that I have something inspiring to give. I sincerely want my existence to matter, to go beyond and to motivate extraordinary living through love and beauty. With my hands I wish to present something meaningful for all of us to see”


Roma - Italy
Via dei banchi nuovi, 58

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